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Sports massage – an “ambulance” for the body

We offer you to get acquainted with the types of sports massage, which will be useful for both professionals and amateur athletes. Specialists of the studio “5 Massages” are always ready to help and provide quality sports massage services.

Muscle injuries are a common phenomenon in sports. Painful syndrome brings unpleasant sensations, deprives of efficiency and the ability to continue physical activity. Special sports massage has a beneficial effect on the condition of muscles, improves blood circulation and accelerates recovery processes.

During sports activities can meet such problems. The occurrence of pain syndromes is due to external and internal factors. They can also be of a chronic nature, in view of transferred diseases, injuries.

  • Sudden contraction and pinching of muscles
  • Stretching of muscles
  • Overcooling of the body
  • Old injuries
  • Overexertion
  • Transferred illnesses

болевые зоны в спине

Sports massage is not a cosmetological or therapeutic procedure. It is not aimed at fighting cellulite or correcting chronic diseases. Sports massage can help to deal with micro-injuries that occur during sports activities.

It is divided into global – massage of the whole body and local – is carried out pointwise, on damaged areas. The technique of execution depends largely on the task at hand.

Types of sports massage

Preliminary (preventive) – performed before the start of exercises and in special cases replaces warm-up. Lasts a maximum of 25-30 minutes and is aimed at improving blood circulation and opening the functional capabilities of muscles. It can be performed with the use of special oils, creams, gels, which enhance the effect.

Training – increases endurance and performance. The specifics of the sport, medical history, training schemes and individual characteristics of the client are taken into account.

Restorative – promotes relaxation and recuperation after intensive training. Special attention is paid to areas with maximum load.

A separate place is occupied by massage, which is performed in sports injuries. It allows you to quickly recover and do not lose shape, and as soon as possible to return to training.

Do you want to have a sports massage at a convenient time and schedule? Contact us in any convenient way and we will find free hours for you. Read more about sports massage in our studio on our services page.