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What should I do if my back hurts?

Sometimes back pain is actually a consequence of other, more serious conditions. For example, osteochondrosis, which is often and mistakenly considered the main cause of back pain. In fact, this disease is more complex, and back pain is only a rare symptom of it. Therefore, do not rush to make terrible diagnoses. According to statistics, 95% of back pain is primary and non-specific.

The most likely cause of back pain

Joints, ligaments and other tissues – most often they are the ones that cause discomfort and are the main cause of back pain. In this case, there is no need for drug intervention, because such pain goes away on its own within a month, and all treatment is aimed only at accelerating this process and pain relief.

An excellent way to get rid of acute pain is a course of therapeutic massage, as it provides a quick and long-term effect, and you will feel relief after the first procedure.

Health starts with the nervous system

Another common cause of back pain is a pinched nerve, which provokes a sharp cutting pain. In this case, treatment should be comprehensive, because such pinches are most often due to sedentary and improper lifestyle.

The best treatment, in this case, will be the addition of moderate exercise and a course of massages, which will help to eliminate the pinching. No less important aspect on the way to recovery will also be the elimination of stress, because emotional instability has a direct impact on the nerve endings of your body and can be the cause of back pain.

So what should you do?

So, the first thing to take out of this article – back pain, in its majority, are not symptoms of terrible diseases, but only indicate that you do not properly care for the body. Sometimes even smoking can provoke back pain, as it negatively affects the oxygen exchange in the spinal discs.

The best solution to this problem is a healthy lifestyle and regular massage courses, which help to stretch those areas of the body that are difficult to work out during training.

If you are worried about back pain, come to us for a course of therapeutic massage in Vinogradar.

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