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What to get a man

Men are practical and rational people, and gifts for them should correspond to the same characteristics. That’s probably why men are so often given a popular set of socks and shaving foam – a pragmatic option, but not at all festive.

“So how not to seem banal, and at the same time pleasantly surprise a man useful gift?” – the question is not simple, but doable. And our answer is: give a massage! And about how not to get confused in the variety of services and choose the most suitable one, we will tell you further.

Who do you choose a gift for?

If not everything, then a lot depends on it. For example, you can give a relaxing massage to your lover – a working option if you want to please your loved one with rest and recovery at the same time. And for men who are in your relatives’ circle, such services as a general body massage or foot massage are suitable. A colleague or acquaintance can be presented with a certificate for an amount convenient for you – let him choose what suits him better.

If you know in more detail the preferences of the man you are choosing a gift for, you can choose a service according to his needs. For example, for a father who suffers from back pain, give a therapeutic massage of the back or collar zone, and for a friend who has made a mark in sports – a sports massage.

The occasion is no less important

The occasion itself is often the deciding factor and sets the tone for the gift. On Valentine’s Day, for example, you can get a certificate for a massage for two and celebrate this day together in a romantic atmosphere and mutual care. But for the Defender of Ukraine Day, you can choose a gift that’s a little bit sweeter: a Thai massage is an option.

On Father’s Day give the most important man in your life care about his health and get a certificate for a massage course. We are sure that there will be no limit to gratitude – such a gift will help your loved one to enjoy good health for a long time to come.

To make sure that you do not miss an occasion to please your favourite men, we have compiled a table of men’s holidays that are celebrated in Ukraine:

  • 14 October – Defender of the Fatherland Day
  • 6 December – Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • First Saturday in November – World Men’s Day
  • 19 June – Father’s Day
  • 21 October – Grandfather’s Day
  • 10 April – Brothers and Sisters Day

If you have not managed to find a suitable option on your own – do not be upset! You can always contact our administrator, who will help you with your choice and give you individual recommendations. To do this, leave a request for a callback on the site and we will contact you in the next few minutes!