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Lumbar pain – can massage help?

Pulling, throbbing pain in the lumbar region brings a lot of discomfort in everyday life. It, like a splinter, does not let you forget about yourself and deprives you of the ability to fully function. With acute pain syndrome, it is recommended to consult a specialist who will be able to determine the cause and give competent recommendations. About the causes of pain and their elimination with the help of therapeutic massage, we will tell you below.

Causes of pain in the lower back

Low back pain can be caused by both external factors – injuries, lifestyle, and internal features of the body – chronic diseases and others:

  • work associated with prolonged being in one position (working at a computer, driver, cashier, and others);
  • excessive physical strain on the spine (this can occur both in sports and physical work involving heavy loads);
  • pregnancy or postnatal period;
  • osteochondrosis, scoliosis, kyphosis (spinal diseases cause unpleasant back pain);
  • spinal injuries;
  • protrusions and hernias in the lumbar spine;

In fact, there are many more causes. And in your particular case, you should clearly identify the root cause of the pain to avoid aggravating the problem. For example, in the presence of a tumour in the spine, massage is strictly contraindicated. And when herniated discs in the lumbar spine are detected at an early stage, massage is only prescribed as a preventative measure.

Professional back massage – pain go away

So, knowing the root cause of the pain, the specialist will choose the appropriate method of massage. He will be able to prescribe an individual course and give relevant recommendations for the prevention of back traumatisation.

In acute low back pain, the main task of the masseur is to eliminate the inflammatory process and relieve the pain syndrome. This is achieved by improving blood circulation in the problem area and restoring mobility of the spine. Massage is carried out with low intensity and without sudden movements.

If you experience pain in the lower back after physical exertion or as a result of a sedentary lifestyle, you simply need a therapeutic massage. Already after the first session you will feel the positive effect. The intensity and strength of pain will be significantly reduced.

Do not tolerate the pain and do not postpone going to a specialist, each delayed day only aggravates the problem. If you have any questions to us, leave an application on the site or call the phone number. Be healthy and take care of yourself.