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Facial massage

The face is a person’s calling card. The rhythm and lifestyle leave their mark on the delicate skin, and it is extremely difficult to restore its former freshness. Taking care of the body shape has become the new trend of our time. But the face needs it no less. The beauty industry produces millions of “miracle” bottles aimed at affecting the epidermis of the skin, while the real cause of wrinkles and rashes on the face is a metabolic disorder of the skin at a deeper level.

Benefits of facial massage

Facial massage aims to address the cause of skin imperfections rather than cosmetically treating the symptoms. The main cause of early skin aging is indeed a lack of collagen. But few people know that the only way to make up for its deficiency is to help the skin to increase synthesis on its own.

The fact is that collagen obtained from creams and other cosmetic products is not able to penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis. Beauty comes from within a person, and it is not only about the spiritual component. Skin is a mirror of our health, on the smooth surface of which are displayed the consequences of all the diseases suffered, wrong lifestyle and violation of immunity defence functions. Facial massage returns elasticity and colour to the skin and increases its ability to regenerate.

Types of facial massage

Different disorders of key processes in the body have different consequences. The main task of facial massage is to maintain the work of metabolism in the skin at an optimal level. However, specialists have developed techniques that pay more attention to the existing problem – whether it is rashes or premature aging:

Jim’s Modelling Massage is an anti-ageing massage based on deep interaction with the muscular system, aimed at strengthening and toning facial muscles, slowing down the process of muscle atrophy, smoothing expression lines and correcting the facial oval. The massage increases collagen production and nutrient saturation of the dermis, improves oxygen metabolism. Thanks to an original system of movements designed for each area of the face – forehead, cheeks, chin – the master trains and tightens facial muscles. Lifting effect after the first session!

  • Classic facial massage – has a therapeutic effect, prevents congestion, provides the deepest relaxation. In the process of massage due to stimulation of blood circulation, the skin is saturated with a large amount of oxygen, resulting in increased regenerative and metabolic processes. It also allows you to mechanically cleanse the skin, free it from excess gland secretion and horny cells of the epidermis, thanks to which the slags accumulated over a long period of time in the skin go away. It helps to remove bags under the eyes and make the contour of the face clearer.
  • Hiroplastic facial massage –provides removal of muscle clamps, muscle tone balance, restoring skin tone. Combines elements of eastern massage techniques and achievements of modern medicine. Since the face is connected with such anatomical areas as vessels, capillaries, muscle fibres and nerve cells, the whole neck area, collar zone, trapezius muscle are gradually worked on.
  • Face and neck massage Gua-sha – performed with special plates-scrapers. “Gua” – scrub in one direction, “sha” – all negative, bad. With the help of unilateral movements, then light, then with pressure, we release the body from toxins, decay products, poisons, the consequences of stress and negative emotions. Facial oedema is relieved, lymphatic movement is stimulated, epidermis renewal and significant rejuvenation takes place.
  • Complex care FACE CARE – a procedure that includes muscular-structural facial massage, application of hydrating gel, which provides deep moisturising, then application of a mask or cream with anti-aging effect and anti-stress head massage during the mask. (Tues and Thurs by appointment)
  • Jacquet facial massage. This massage is suitable for those who suffer from excessive sebum production and acne. Thanks to tingling movements, blood microcirculation is normalised. The skin is saturated with oxygen and microelements, the ability to regenerate is increased, and the pores are cleaned. As a consequence – elimination of rashes and scars after acne.

Facial massage is a must in the self-care of every woman who wants to preserve beauty and health to a very old age. Excessive use of cosmetic products can be not only useless, but also harm the natural protective functions of the facial skin.

In order to choose the right course of facial massage according to the problem you have identified, please contact our specialists. They will advise you and help you to choose the type of massage suitable for your skin.

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