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Massage in 4 hands

Four-handed massage is a popular and very effective procedure, the main advantage of which is the high level of intensity of the load received by the body in a short period of time. During the session masseurs have time to work on every part of your body and pay special attention to the most problematic, in your opinion, places.

Massage technique and its effect on the body

The massage is performed by masters taking into account all the rules of 4-handed massage, which means that their manipulations are coordinated with each other, not chaotic. At the end of the procedure you will notice not only a burst of energy and improvement of the general condition of the body, but also a positive effect on the lymphatic system. The effect is achieved thanks to many smooth pressing movements of the master all over the body, which are able to establish blood circulation and the outflow of excess moisture.

Another pleasant bonus is relaxation

Under the intensive influence the human body achieves maximum relaxation. This is justified by the fact that all muscle tissues and joints, which throughout the day experience discomfort due to a sedentary lifestyle, relax and loosen up. Such a load is no different from a sporting activity and therefore provokes the release of endorphins, thanks to which you will feel a surge of positive emotions and energy.

Who can benefit from a 4-handed massage

The 4-hand massage is a universal procedure that has no contraindications. Before the session it is mandatory to have a short consultation with the masseur, where you can warn him about chronic diseases and contraindications to massage that you have. Massage therapists, in turn, will provide you with a useful and safe massage.

The main indications for this type of massage:

  • The need to achieve a quick effect in conditions of limited time
  • Constant stress, anxiety, sleep problems
  • Pain in the joints or back against the background of sedentary lifestyle
  • This massage has proven itself as a means of combating excessive kilos
  • Chronic fatigue, lethargy

Most of our clients become fans of 4-hand massage after the first session. It is possible that once you have tried it, you will join their ranks and will regularly pamper yourself with this procedure.

If you have a desire to try out all the above mentioned advantages, we invite you to our massage studio in Vinogradar. To do this, just leave a request on our website, and we will contact you.