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Intervertebral protrusions: what they are and how massage helps

A protrusion is the first stage in the development and formation of an intervertebral hernia. It differs from a hernia in that the fibrotic ring is not ruptured.
Is it possible to massage for protrusions? It is possible and even necessary. Massage of weak or medium strength helps to relax the soft tissues surrounding the disc. It improves blood circulation and restores quality nutrition to the disc structure.

Only your doctor can prescribe any medications or procedures, including massage and manual therapy. Below we answer basic questions about protrusions, herniated discs and therapeutic massage.

What is a disc protrusion

The intervertebral disc provides mobility to the vertebrae with the help of a strong and elastic layer between the vertebrae. It reduces the impact of loads and oscillating movements that are constantly occurring in the process of life activity. It provides a favourable environment for the spine and the whole body. If the intervertebral disc bulges without rupturing the wall and can not return to its former state – a protrusion is formed.

Causes of protrusion formation

The occurrence of protrusions is promoted by degenerative-dystrophic processes. The main reason for the development of degeneration is a violation of the metabolic processes of nutrition of the intervertebral disc. In turn, the violation of metabolic processes in the disc contribute to the following factors:

  • Features of lifestyle and working conditions (lifting and carrying heavy loads, being in a forced position for a long time);
  • Low level of flexibility and elasticity in the muscles from the lack of daily exercise;
  • Constant stress can lead to chronic muscle misdirection throughout the body;
  • Injuries and forceful stresses on the spine;
  • Diseases and developmental abnormalities of the nervous system;
  • Non-adherence to a drinking regime. Low water intake leads to dehydration of the disc;

Symptoms of disc protrusion

The most common symptoms of intervertebral disc protrusion are:

  • Pain and discomfort in the spine;
  • Disseminated pain in the extremity;
  • Numbness, tingling, weakness in the extremities;
  • Dizziness, weakness, fatigue;

If you observe such symptoms, you should not delay a visit to the doctor. Timely MRI-diagnostics will confirm or deny the presence of protrusions. And timely treatment of intervertebral disc protrusions will increase your chances of recovery.

Methods of treatment of protrusions

Traditional treatment for disc protrusion, depending on the symptoms, includes prescribing anti-inflammatory non-steroidal painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications. In case of large disc protrusion, surgical treatment is used.

The main methods of treatment are:

  • Medication
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises
  • Therapeutic massages, manual therapy
  • Surgical intervention is an extreme method, which should be avoided if possible (it is used when the protrusion is large or a hernia has already formed)

Does massage help with intervertebral disc protrusion?

массаж при протрузиях

With the help of therapeutic massage of light and medium intensity, it is possible to completely remove the tension from the affected area. Make the muscles warm, soft and elastic. Muscle spasm makes it difficult for blood to flow to the intervertebral disc. Because of this, it is not getting the nutrients it needs. The result is that the disc begins to slowly deteriorate.
By starting the blood flow in the opposite direction, the specialist stops degenerative and dystrophic processes. Normalises the flow of nutrients to the disc

When you can not do massage with protrusion

The procedure is aimed at restoring the patient’s ability to work and relieving spasm. This means that any harsh methods are contraindicated: only a light gentle regime.
Pain syndrome and inflammation are relieved with medication, and only after that the therapeutic massage is carried out.

Relieve inflammation and swelling, and then massage

If you start to conduct courses of massage before the removal of inflammation and swelling, then the procedure can aggravate the patient’s situation. A likely result of the wrong timing and technique of carrying out, is the development of protrusion to hernia.
Massage should bring pleasure and relaxation. If during the procedure there is discomfort, pain, temperature rises, you should immediately inform the doctor about changes in your condition.

Massage techniques for protrusions

The choice of technique depends on the attending physician. He relies on the patient’s condition and individual characteristics. Massage with intervertebral disc protrusion is of a generally strengthening nature. It is one of the components of the complex treatment of disc protrusion.

восстанавливающие упражнения

Massage alone can achieve good results, but this is not always enough. The procedure allows the body to heal itself – the rest is up to you.
It is important to localise the cause of the protrusion and work to eliminate it.

  • If you are static a lot – get up every 45 minutes and do a five-minute warm-up.
  • Try to avoid heavy loads on the spine – rest if you feel discomfort.
  • Do exercises aimed at strengthening the corset and back muscles. 15-20 minutes daily combined with massages give an incredible result. Literally in a week you will feel significantly better.

The benefits of massage are undeniable, but in the case of protrusions is an auxiliary function. Take care of yourself and be healthy. If you still have questions or would like to consult a specialist, please contact us in any convenient way.