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How stress affects our spine

It is unlikely that today there is a person who has not encountered the concept of stress directly – the modern rhythm of life in one way or another brings us to stress. This is a sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, problems in business, work and study. As a result, you feel not only psychological heaviness and discomfort, but also very real back pain. Yes, it is stress that is one of the causes of these pains. Let’s understand why.

Occurrence of stress

Muscle contraction is a basic response to stress, built into us by nature. And therefore, the longer the stressful period, the worse the condition of the back. First of all, due to prolonged spasm, the periorbital muscles of the back suffer. It should be understood that in a prolonged contracted state of tension are not only muscles, but also adjacent tissues. As a result, the spinal nerve is compressed, and this opens the way to all those problems that bother our clients. The reason is that a compressed spinal nerve cannot fully transmit impulses to where they should go (internal organs, muscles, bones, joints).

боль в позвоночнике

A compressed nerve is half the trouble, the real problems begin when the pain becomes cyclical. Increasing back and muscle pain reduces not only the desire, but also the ability to exercise, walk outdoors, and do all the things that can reduce the stress load on the spine.

Unfortunately, most of us seek help only when the level of pain becomes unbearable. In that case, you can’t do without the help of a specialist.

The stress prevention triad

упражнения снимающие стрессSports are perhaps the best preventative remedy for stress. Sporting activities release hormones of joy (endorphins), which help to reduce psychogenic back pain, often occurring against the background of fatigue and sleep deprivation.

Relaxing massage, yoga, swimming, walking in the fresh air. All these types of active activities help to reduce the load, relax the muscles of the body and, as a result, reduce the level of physical stress in the body.

Healthy sleep. Dozens of books have been written about when to lie down and when to get up. But absolutely everyone agrees on the length of a healthy sleep – for an adult this figure is 8 hours. And yes, it’s better to go to bed before midnight!

How to realise I’m stressed and it’s time for a massage

When we stop relaxing, we all become similar to each other – the neck retracts into the shoulders, posture (if any) changes to a hunched back. Also a classic marker are insomnia, frequent waking up at night from uncomfortable sensations in the back and a feeling of constant weakness, powerlessness. And, of course, recurrent back pain in different or the same places.

Yes, I have stress, what to do in such a case

  1. Accept that the problem exists and it must be dealt with now, any transfers “for later” will only aggravate the situation.
  2. Start changing your lifestyle. Do something that inspires you, spend less time at the workplace and try to fill your life with pleasant events
  3. Get a massage. Without a 100% action plan, daily sports training and a proper diet, the problem will not go away on its own. Our specialists will not only give you a competent anti-stress massage, but will also give you advice on diet and exercises

Any questions left unanswered? Contact us and we’d love to talk about it in our next piece!

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