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Thai massage

Thai massage is one of the oldest massage practices in the world. Its history goes back more than two and a half thousand years. During this time, the fame of Thai massage has spread far beyond its homeland – Thailand. Thanks to its high efficiency, it has gained popularity all over the world. It is not difficult to find a Thai massage studio in whichever country you find yourself. So what is it: a new trend from Asia, or a valuable ancient teaching?

Thai massage is a contact practice, which involves strong impact of the masseur’s whole body on the client. Elbows, knees and even walking on the back are used, thanks to which the impact on the meridians of the body – the centres of human vitality – is achieved. Its second name is yoga massage. During the session, the masseur helps the client to do asanas, which without external influence would be an impossible task for a beginner. If you plan to do yoga – start with Thai massage. It will help to prepare the body for further independent physical activity and achieve the desired result faster.

Types of Thai massage

Thai massage is divided into two types: ordinary, which is carried out in clothes, and oyl massage. The latter is characterised by the use of essential and aromatic oils, which have a healing effect on the psychological background of the client due to aromatherapy. This helps to relax, establish an energy balance in the body and equalise the patient’s emotional state.

Stages of Thai massage

Like any physical activity, Thai massage implies observance of clear rules of carrying out and a high level of qualification of the masseur. During the session, the force of influence is increased smoothly to avoid injuries and sprains:

  • First, the masseur works on the feet to relax the client and warm up the body through the impact on the accupuncture points.
  • Next, through slow and smooth movements, brain activity is slowed down to reduce the stress factor and allow the client to release tension and immerse themselves in meditation.
  • The final stage is twisting and massaging the body using the elbows, knees and feet to reach the deep skeletal muscles, which are rarely engaged in metropolitan areas due to sedentary lifestyles. The consequence of this lifestyle is atrophied tissues, moisture retention, pinched nerves and a feeling of heaviness in the body. If this story is about you, Thai massage is exactly what you need!


The main indication for Thai massage is the desire to achieve harmony of body and soul. The complex action on muscle tissues and joints helps to tone the body and prevent the development of chronic diseases. If more isolated types of massage help with local blocking of the problem, Thai massage is characterised by a strong therapeutic effect on the body as a whole.

The main indications for Thai massage:

  • Normalisation of metabolism in the body
  • Acceleration of lymph circulation and moisture outflow
  • Normalisation of the circulatory system
  • Combating stress and fatigue
  • Improving flexibility, strength and elasticity of joints
  • Muscle development, including deep hidden muscles
  • Elimination of painful sensations due to diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Immunity enhancement

A course of Thai massage will ensure good health for at least a year. But the main condition for a positive effect is a high level of qualification of the masseur. Strong and, in some places, rough impact can become traumatic in case of wrong approach and technique.

Our specialists know all the subtleties of Thai massage. Therefore, we guarantee that by putting your health in our hands, you will protect yourself from injury. Learn more about Thai massage in our studio on our services page. You can make an appointment by leaving an application on the website or by calling (097) 055-22-00. We will advise you and choose a convenient time for you.