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Thai massage in Kiev

Massage has long been considered the foundation of human health and beauty. It is a procedure that only helps to relieve tension and relax after a hard day, but also to overcome some ailments. There are many varieties of massage, but today the so-called “Thai massage” is in absolute trend, the birthplace of which is considered to be ancient India.

What is Thai massage?

Often many people associate Thai massage not with recovery and relaxation, but strangely enough with eroticism and sex. Why is this so? This kind of massage acquired this “strawberry” association in the second half of the 20th century in Thailand. It was here that the priestesses of love rendered their sexual services under the guise of a relaxing rubdown. Of course, it had no connection with the real procedure, but the association was firmly fixed in the minds of most people.

What is the real Thai massage? It is not just a procedure, but a whole system that includes various techniques for the recovery of the whole body:

  • Stroking and kneading the skin;
  • Point pressure on muscle tissues;
  • Twists and stretches reminiscent of yoga asanas;
  • Acupressure, shaking and tapping.

The methods and techniques of Thai massage are selected individually, but all of them are aimed at improving the physical condition of the body and eliminating energy imbalance. After all, if we believe Indian and Thai healers, who have been practising Ayurveda for a long time, the cause of all diseases of the soul and body are considered to be violations of the correct circulation of energy.

The intensity of the massage can be low, medium and high, sometimes not only massage movements with hands, but also influence on energy meridians with the help of feet and elbows.

History of Thai massage

Surprisingly, Thai massage originally originated in India under the guidance of the healer Shivago Komparaji. It came to Thailand along with Buddhism, Ayurveda and yoga about 2500 years ago.

The Indian healer and his followers actively spread their knowledge of the special effects on the meridians of the body, certain organs and joints. This knowledge became the basis of the Thai system of recovery, which includes herbal treatment, yoga, saunas and, of course, classical Thai massage.

The knowledge and techniques of massage were not written down, but passed on orally from master to master. In the second half of the 19th century, diagrams of massage points were carved on stones in one of Bangkok’s monasteries, where they are still found today.

Today, there are two of the most popular schools of Thai massage in Bangkok:

  • Southern or central – more famous, authoritarian and aristocratic;
  • Northern – rustic, closer to the roots, because Thai massage originated in the North of the country.

Thais remember the Indian healer even now: before the session each masseur recites a special mantra dedicated to “Doctor Father”.

Description of a massage session

What does a Thai massage session look like? You should not be afraid and worry, because the practice is very similar to passive yoga. The duration of the procedure is from 2 to 3 hours. Practitioners assure that with a shorter duration, the body simply does not have time to rest and relax.

Form of clothing – free, but it is better that it was a natural T-shirt and trousers, in which the client will feel comfortable and cosy.

Studio 5 massages in Kiev offers clients a classic Thai massage, which consists of:

  • Relaxing pressures and gentle movements that help to relax the body and put the brain into a slow mode of work;
  • Special twists that allow you to affect the deep skeletal muscles and joints;
  • Rhythmic rubbing of the whole body from the top of the head to the feet, and the masseur uses not only his palms, but also elbows, knees and even feet.

Our Thai massage specialists move from the feet to the head: it is believed that this movement is the most effective. The session ends with rubbing the face – this not only washes away signs of fatigue, but also helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Health benefits

Experts of classical Thai massage claim that one session is equal to three days of rest in nature. This is really true, because such a massage helps:

  • get rid of weakness and muscle pain;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • let go of bad moods, stress and forget about problems;
  • energise muscles and increase body flexibility;
  • improve not only the general physical condition, but also restore mental balance.

Thai massage is also highly recommended for therapeutic purposes: it will help to cope with back pain, get rid of numbness in the neck and shoulder area, facilitate recovery from sports injuries and surgeries.