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Techniques of facial massage. What gives real results?

Facial massage has both therapeutic and cosmetic effects. Due to mechanical action on the skin, residual sebum and horny scales are removed. In addition, the blood flow affects the increase of oxygen levels in the skin, which directly affects the facial’s ability to process nutrients – vitamins and minerals. Clients often wonder which type of facial massage to choose and why What gives real results? The answer is in this article!

Technique #1. Jacquet facial massage (talcum powder)

Facial massage using the Jacquet technique is recommended for people with problem skin, rashes, increased sebum. During the session the master works not only with skin tissue, but also with subcutaneous fatty fibre. This allows you to simultaneously achieve cosmetic and therapeutic effect. Our clients confirm the lifting effect – this is due to the increase in skin elasticity.

Technique #2. Facial massage Jim (GYM)

массаж лица Джим

The technique was developed by an association of plastic surgeons in Italy, hence the unusual name. The essence of this approach is that the master works literally with every millimetre of the skin of your face, interacting with different muscle groups. All movements are aimed at relaxation and tension of muscles, which helps to tighten the face in a natural, natural method.

A different muscle massage method is chosen for each part of the face, be it the cheeks, forehead or chin. In the case of GYM, it is important to do a series of massages in order to consolidate the effects you will also see after the first treatment – the muscles need to memorise how to work properly. The effectiveness of massage is so high that it is often compared to surgery or hardware myostimulation, but unlike them, GYM is a natural way to fight skin aging.

Technique #3. Classic facial massage

классический массаж лица

Recommended for almost everyone who lives in a megapolis. Lack of sleep, quality nutrition and care of the body leads to the fact that the brain stops caring for the skin of the face, less and less saturating it with oxygen. The advantage of classical massage is its versatility – unlike Jacquet (not recommended for people with hypersensitivity), it is suitable for absolutely everyone. The peculiarity is the speed of the real effect – after the first massage you will notice the difference – a healthy skin colour will appear, a real blush will return to your cheeks. Going through a full cycle allows you to start a constant “dialogue” with the skin of the face in the brain, making it take care of its freshness.

What do these techniques have in common?

The benefits of all three techniques are that the youthfulness and health of the face is returned through the body’s natural processes and capabilities. We do not use chemical additives or automate the process as we understand the delicacy of the service. Give yourself a facial massage once and you can be sure that you will return to us many more times – the feeling of healthy facial skin is inexpressible.