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Wet whisky diapers from STYX

We launch the long-awaited season of STYX Whisky lathering – the best anti-cellulite treatment! Beach season is in full swing and you need to get in shape. Thanks to the wet whisky-knees treatment from Styx, you can remove up to 1.5 cm of volume in one session. It is more expensive as its cost is high, but the effect is equal to THREE anti-cellulite massages.

How much does the service cost?

1100 UAH, 1.5 hours, without pain and suffering remove up to 1.5 cm of deposits and tighten the skin!

What is waiting for you on this procedure?

  1. First we will perform soap scrubbing of the whole body, clean the skin and pores, the body will “breathe”. 😇 Then we will apply a special cream on weakened vessels, varicose veins and venous mesh. After that, we will apply a super-active anti-cellulite cream to the areas that require the fastest fat burning – it will start working immediately.
  2. Then we soak bandages in special lipolytic lotion and wrap you from head to toe, lay you on the couch and wrap you in a film. So you will lie for an hour, feeling the waves of heat and warmth spilling over your body, reducing you in volume ☺️ You will be so comfortable that you will probably fall asleep – this is the most important part of the procedure.
  3. After an hour we will remove the bandages and apply a special lifting cream to the whole body, which will tighten the skin, make legs, butt, arms and stomach firm and skin velvety.
  4. 5-7 such procedures and you will be delighted with your figure.

For a consultation or to book a treatment, leave a request, call or contact us on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you!