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The impact of a sedentary lifestyle on back health

Everyone has heard about the terrible consequences of a sedentary lifestyle many times. Despite the fact that the discussion of this topic has been quite active lately, its consequences are getting worse every year, and more and more young people are becoming victims. We can hardly avoid sedentary lifestyle of the working day. Hence the question arises: how to protect your health from the negative effects of hypodynamia and what measures should be taken now?

Causes of pain

A sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on the general condition and health of the back, and the greatest damage extends to the right side of the body (for right-handed people), because it has the greatest load during the working day.

Uneven distribution of the load leads to stagnation and salt deposits in some parts of the body, and rapid wear and tear of others. As a consequence, you can quickly acquire scoliosis and regular pain in the spine.

Is sport the solution to all problems?

Behind people who are subject to hypodynamia often fix the fame of lazy people, and the most common advice to solve this problem – sport. There is some truth in this statement, but this method is suitable for prevention rather than therapy.

This is justified by the fact that hypodynamia entails an overload of the back, which arises due to the constant and highly specialised impact of gravity on the involved joints and tissues. Sport can aggravate the situation, because in the presence of problems with the back, amateurism in sports loads provokes the deterioration of human health.

What to do if the pain has already appeared?

The most effective and safe way to deal with the injuries received from a sedentary lifestyle is a therapeutic back massage.

This procedure will allow you to identify pinching, find out the cause and eliminate the consequences of hypodynamia. Unlike sports, this treatment is safe, as it excludes new injuries.

The masseur pre-consults his clients to make individual recommendations for each of them to achieve the therapeutic goal. Therefore, we would advise you to start eliminating the consequences of hypodynamia by going to a massage parlour.

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