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The impact of a sedentary lifestyle on back health

Everyone has heard about the terrible consequences of a sedentary lifestyle many times. Despite the fact that the discussion of this topic has been quite active lately, its consequences are getting worse every year, and more and more young people are becoming victims. We can hardly avoid sedentary lifestyle of the working day. Hence the question arises: how to protect your health from the negative effects of hypodynamia and what measures should be taken now?


What should I do if my back hurts?

Sometimes back pain is actually a consequence of other, more serious conditions. For example, osteochondrosis, which is often and mistakenly considered the main cause of back pain. In fact, this disease is more complex, and back pain is only a rare symptom of it. Therefore, do not rush to make terrible diagnoses. According to statistics, 95% of back pain is primary and non-specific.

What to get a man

Men are practical and rational people, and gifts for them should correspond to the same characteristics. That’s probably why men are so often given a popular set of socks and shaving foam – a pragmatic option, but not at all festive.

“So how not to seem banal, and at the same time pleasantly surprise a man useful gift?” – the question is not simple, but doable. And our answer is: give a massage! And about how not to get confused in the variety of services and choose the most suitable one, we will tell you further.


What to get a woman

Women are big fans of all kinds of beauty treatments and gifts that give them an excuse to spend time with their loved ones. No less known fact: it is extremely difficult to surprise a woman. So we give you a hint: stop at massage as a gift, and we will take care that it will be remembered. There will be no limit to the gratitude of your favourite girls!


Massage in 4 hands

Four-handed massage is a popular and very effective procedure, the main advantage of which is the high level of intensity of the load received by the body in a short period of time. During the session masseurs have time to work on every part of your body and pay special attention to the most problematic, in your opinion, places.


Lymphatic drainage body massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a very popular procedure among women, which helps to get rid of extra centimetres, tighten the body and tone muscles. Isn’t this what women dream of?


Thai massage

Thai massage is one of the oldest massage practices in the world. Its history goes back more than two and a half thousand years. During this time, the fame of Thai massage has spread far beyond its homeland – Thailand. Thanks to its high efficiency, it has gained popularity all over the world. It is not difficult to find a Thai massage studio in whichever country you find yourself. So what is it: a new trend from Asia, or a valuable ancient teaching?